Top 10 Canva Alternatives for Your Business

October 27, 2020 | 0 min read


You have tried Canva, but find it lacking? Here are 10 of the top 10 Canva alternatives for your business!

Canva image editing tool

Canva has made a name for itself as one of the most popular online image editing tools out there and for a good reason.

Being first in the market has its perks.

It is a general-purpose online image generating tool. As such it’s trying to please everyone.

Although that comes with a price.

If you have tried Canva, you may have found it lacking in some regards, so why not try some alternatives?

You may have a specific need. For example, if you’re a dropshipper, eCommerce owner, influencer, or a digital agency owner you may look into some Canva alternatives that may better suit your needs.

These are:

Why do people use Canva?

There is no doubt that Canva has revolutionized the landscape of image editing.

In the olden days, unless you’ve known your way around PhotoShop, GIMP, or some other online behemoth of an image editing tool, you could have simply forgotten the notion of creating visuals.

That is why starting your own online business was so costly. Unless you happen to possess a plethora of skills, from image editing to copywriting all by yourself.

Canva image editing tool

All of that has changed with the advent of the online image generating tools that have simplified the process of design. 

A true alternative to Canva would be at tool more targeted for a specific audience with a greater array of features that serves its users to the utmost.

Who uses tools such as Canva and its alternatives?

You don’t have to run a business that has to create visuals for landing pages, webpages, or ads to have a use for online graphic design platforms.

In this day and age, it’s no secret that most of the communication is visual, be it in the form of videos, memes or funny gifs.

visual communication

If you want to send a personal birthday card to a friend’s social media profile why not add a more personal touch with the help of tools such as Canva?

Canva image editing tool 2

The uses are practically endless, but the majority of people use image editing tools roughly fall into these 5 categories:

1. Personal users

2. eCommerce entrepreneurs

3. Influencers

4. Digital agency owners

5. Small business owners

10 Of The Best Canva Alternatives:

1. Glorify

Glorify Thumbnail

Behind Glorify is a team of professional marketers who have perfected their craft by creating compelling images, infographics, and landing pages as part of their social media marketing strategy.

Glorify is created specifically for the needs of marketers, funnel hackers, and designers who want to minimize their time spent creating images.

To cut down the time needed to create images, Glorify is a theme-based tool but with a laser focus on the eCommerce business.

Background Remover

Every template bundle is focused for one purpose:

  • Hero headers: suited for any platform
  • Adverts – premade templates for all major social media platforms a
  • Video thumbnails 
  • Social media posts – with templates made specifically for each major platform
  • Product templates – for any platform ranging from Amazon, Etsy to Shopify, Magento, ClickFunnels as well as website builders
  • and many more
product templates

In all eventuality, unlike Canva, this alternative app is best suited if you’re running an eCommerce shop or if you’re a marketer who wants to establish his presence on social media platforms.

Glorify, unlike most other platforms is mainly business-focused. 

It has you covered if you want to:

  • Generate leads for your email campaign 
  • Increase  sales on the eCommerce platform of your choosing by creating branded images
  • Run ads and send traffic to your website
  • Create stunning visuals that convert on your landing page
  • Increase engagement on your social media profile

What separates Glorify from the rest of Canva alternatives is a set of features made specifically for eCommerce owners. ?

1. Share tool

When it comes to online business, speed is the key. You may end up creating dozens of images for one simple campaign before you find the one that converts as you want.

That is why Glorify has an embedded share tool that lets you share your images directly on all relevant platforms.

2. Smart resize

Smart resize

You don’t have to spend time picking the dimension of your image just right.

With Smart Resize you can simply choose the platform and the image will resize itself automatically. We all know that Facebook ads, Instagram posts as well as Pinterest graphics all vary wildly in terms of dimensions.

Well, now you can create an image once and with only one click of a mouse have designs ready for all major platforms.

3. Annotate tool

Annotate Tool Templates

If you want to make sure that your product stands apart from the rest, you have to convey it in such a way that all the rest fade in comparison.

While the adage features over benefits still hold, unless you manage to convey it in a visual style, you may very well forfeit the battle for customers’ attention.

That is why the Annotate Tool was made.

To help eCommerce owners showcase their product features with a simple drag and drop interface that will make them question do they need a graphic designer anymore.

4. Background remover, Shadows, and Reflections

So, you’ve found yourself a nice photo that you want to use for your marketing efforts. Be it a product image or a visual that would fit your ad perfectly, the first step is to get rid of that pesky background.

Well, that is not a problem anymore.

With a simple 2 click interface, you can get rid of a background in 5 seconds. The same job would take a professional at least 10 minutes while using tools such as PhotoShop or Gimp.

You may very well pat yourself on the back and add a graphic designer to your LinkedIn profile.

CTA Banner

Those are only the current features available, while there are plenty more in the making such as:

Try Glorify For Free Today ?

2. Crello

Crello may be considered a direct parallel to Canva and may not fall into the alternatives category per se. But, when it comes the ease of use it is right up there on top of our list. 


If you want to create animations and graphics you can choose between over 25,000 templates for all major platforms as well as 5000+ animated templates and 2000+ animated objects that will capture the eye of the beholder in seconds.

animated templates & objects

For whom is it for?

Crello, like Canva, is a general-purpose online image creating a tool that is suited for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you want to create visuals for your blog or your website or if you’re a marketer that wants to get that extra edge when it comes to creating stunning ads, Crello has you covered.

What makes Crello so special is its vast library of over 500,000+ photos that will make you forget about other paid solutions for stock photos.

Library of photos

You can choose in a variety of areas such as business, food, health care, and many, many more.

It is best suited for starting entrepreneurs, up and coming influencers as well as small business owners who are looking for a simple tool that will let them easily create images.

Go with Crello if you’re creating visuals for:

    • Social media platforms

    • Your blog

    • Printouts for your business

    • Instagram or Facebook ads 

3. Snappa

Another tool quite like Canva is Snappa. The rhyming could be intentional since the majority of the features available in Canva are also present in Snappa.

We are talking about template-based design for all major social media platforms as well as covers and headers for your website.

If you’re running ads, like most other Canva alternatives, Snappa has you covered as well with its premade templates for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


What sets Snapp apart from Canva is the ability to upload your fonts that you can use in all your designs as well as Share Tool with which you can share your designs instantly to social media with a simple click of a mouse.

Unlike Canva, which has a larger pool of available templates, Snappa provides its users with a more simplistic approach.

Snapp 1

Why use Snappa?

It is best suited for those who are just starting in the online marketing space since it’s quite limited when it comes to types of ads you can create.

Snapp 2

If you’re running a small business and you only need a tool that will help you create images for your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profile you may look into Snappa.

Also, it has a nice variety of templates that you can use to create flyers, posters, and presentations.

4. RelayThat

RelayThat is another Canva alternative, albeit they consider themselves more inclined towards marketers and for those working in real estate.

Relay That

If you have ever used a designer for your marketing efforts, but have found the entire back and forth process tedious, consider using RelayThat as an alternative.

What separates RelayThat from Canva?

If you want a simple and streamlined tool that will cut down the time necessary for your marketing efforts consider checking out this tool.

Relay That 1

RelayThat offers:

    • Headline generator – that will nudge you in the right direction when it comes to creating engaging copy

    • Smart resize tool – create an image once and with a simple click of a mouse have it ready for all major social media platforms

    • Incredibly vast stock photo gallery – with over 3 000 000 images!

    • Easy to use Dashboard that will let you switch between campaigns in a single click

    • Suggest tool that learns – the more you use a specific style the more specific image templates RelayThat suggests for you

Why use RelayThat?

If you’re a business owner who is looking for a more narrow focus on the marketing but is still in need of training wheels when it comes to design, consider using RelayThat.

Simply choose a specific industry that you’re in and RelayThat will suggest you image layouts that are tested for conversion.

Relay That 2

It also has an extensive library of available templates that you can use, as well as included image SEO capabilities that will help you rank in organic search.

5. Visme

Visme infographics

Unlike Canva and other alternatives which are a more of a general-purpose image creating tool, Visme is made specifically for creating infographics and other presentations that will:

    • Capture attention

    • Drive traffic to your site

    • Capture leads

    • Educate your audiences

Custom Charts

You can create interactive reports filled with custom charts, interactive and animated infographics, engaging presentation with a simple interface that uses pre-made content blocks.

The alternative to using Visme would be to hire a designer that would most likely spend a full day for the same job that will take you minutes if you use this tool.

Now imagine how much money will that save you!

It’s no secret that one of the best ways for creating viral content is by making shareable infographics and flowcharts


After all, humans are visual creatures so by presenting facts in a visual format you are guaranteed to capture interest and attention.

To help you achieve that, Visme has a large pool of graphic assets. We’re talking about images and icons as well as over 16 animated charts that will help you create viral infographics.

Why use Visme?

Visme infographics 1

Without a doubt, Visme is one of the best tools, if not the best, for creating engaging and viral infographics.

Anyone can use it thanks to its extensive library of pre-made blocks, flowcharts, and interactive elements.

Use Visme if:

    • you’re a marketer who wants to create viral content

    • you would like to present the success of your case studies in a visual format (which you should)

    • You want to create infographics and presentations that capture leads

6. PiktoChart


Somewhere on the spectrum between Canva and Visme lies PiktoChart. 

The beauty of PiktoChart is that it will also provide you with templates that you can use in your social media marketing efforts.

But being somewhere in between will get you precisely that.

Piktochart 1

You may not have the same spectrum of templates and features available on Canva, but you will have plenty of alternatives when it comes to creating presentations and charts.

The template quality is pretty much the same as Canva’s, albeit with a more limited library to choose from.

When it comes to data visualization, Canva is much weaker.

For whom is it for?

You can use PiktoChart if you would like to create nice charts and graphics that convey visual information.

Consider using PiktoChart you want a more narrow focus on:

    • Infographics

    • Presentations

    • Posters

    • Flyers

    • Social media posts

7. Venngage

Like PiktoChart, Venngage also offers a wide array of templates to choose from, but with a more narrow focus on data visualization.


Behind every app is a team and behind every team is a culture. Venngage puts great emphasis on the education aspect of marketing and that shows in their philosophy.

Like mentioned before, when it comes to learning and remembering, people are mostly visual.

That is why the team behind Venngage has decided to make a tool that would help organizations, as well as businesses, tell their story in a more simple, visual way.


Venngage has a wide template, albeit more minuscule compared to Canva, but with a more focused approach on creating reports that educate.

Since education is on top of their priority list Venngage has added extra value in the form of educational content that will help anyone improve their design skills.

Venngage 1

Go with Venngage if you’re looking to Canva alternatives that let you create nice-looking presentations, infographics, mind maps, or flow charts while also having access to templates that will ease your social media marketing efforts.

8. Stencil

Stencil is can be considered, quite honestly as a lightweight version of Canva.

It has all the features as well as quite similar design as Canva, but with a more limited set of pre-made templates.

Why go with that you may ask?

Well, if you have used Canva before, chances are you have used at most a dozen or two templates for your marketing endeavors.

The team behind Stencil is aware of that, so they’ve made a tool that resembles Canva but has an added value in the terms of:

    • Simplicity

    • Pricing

    • Efficiency

    • Speed

Who should consider using Stencil?

While Canva has a huge array of premade templates and stock photos, they charge by the asset. Overtime that can get quite pricey.

 That is why Stencil has decided to include all 2,300,000 photos and 2,000,000 icons for just one price.

Not only that, but Stencil is made for speed.

Using an online image generating tool usually comes with a downside of lower speed, especially if the image you’re creating gets data-heavy.

That is why Stencil is built from the ground up to be as fast as possible, so you can choose between addons for MozillaChrome, and Safari that will help you create stunning visuals in lightning speed.

stencil template design

Consider using Stencil if you’re a marketer who consistently tests and crates tons of visuals daily and where speed and efficiency is key.

9. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is truly unique in a sense of style.

Unlike Canva which offers a drag and drop approach to creating visuals, PicMonkey can be considered more of an image editing tool.

PicMonkey also provides its users with unique designs that are more inclined towards social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Choose between:

    • 8,000+ graphics and textures

    • 100s of fonts

    • 1000s of templates

    • millions of stock photos from Unsplash + iStock by Getty

To create your visual style and dominate the social media scene.

visual style and dominate the social media scene

If you’re aiming to dominate Instagram and Facebook, you need to amp up your design a bit. 

That is why PicMonkey comes with:

    • Textures, gradients and filters

    • Individual layer editing

    • Text effects such as curve and outline

    • Photo editor with Touch Up tools

    • Branding tool

    • YouTube thumbnail generator

    • Facebook and Instagram specific features

picmonkey social media post design

You may look at these features and consider yourself too big of a beginner to even consider using them, but have no fear.

PicMonkey has provided its users with an extensive library and educational center that will make even the clumsiest into a respectable designer.

Who should consider using PicMonkey?

With a more hip approach to visual design, PicMonkey combines the features of Canva such as block editing tool with a native Photo editor that truly makes your images shine.

You should consider using PicMonkey if you’re an up and coming influencer who wants to dominate the social media marketing scene.

10. Pixlr

The last one on our list may not be considered a direct alternative to Canva in the truest of sense. 

While Canva has made a name for itself by creating its users into designers with the help of premade templates, Pixlr is a true online image editing tool

Why consider using Pixlr?


Unless you’re a designer with some experience, you should better stay clear of Pixlr and choose some other Canva alternative on our list.

Pixlr is mainly an online alternative to PhotoShop and other enterprise-level image editing tools.

It offers a more simple interface that is best suited for those who manipulate images on a daily basis and have no need for the whole package of features that tools such as PhotoShop provide.

You can choose between two versions, a more advanced and feature-rich Pixlr E and a more simple Pixlr X.

Pixlr 1

To make things short, consider using Pixlr if you’re in need of a true online image editing tool with far greater capabilities than a simple drag and drop interface while also keeping track of your budget.

There you have it. A most comprehensive comparison of Canva alternatives at the time of this writing.

While Canva is considered a pioneer in the space of online image creating in some regards it can be considered lacking.

If you’re running a business that has a specific need that a general-purpose tool cannot satisfy, it’s your best bet to go with an app that provides a more narrow and focused approach.


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