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The Path to Glory

The lessons are not found in the success, rather they are found in the path they took to get there. The Path to Glory gives you a close look at successful entrepreneurs and their journey to success.


From Broke to Selling an Insect farm for $2 Million 💸

How did reptile lover, Carlos Alvarez, Founder of Wizards of Amazon, find his way his to Glory and build his e-commerce empire? Well, it all started with Reptile food… 🔥


From developing a positive ‘Flow State’ to helping 1240 Amazon businesses succeed 🌊

What is a flow state? And how does that impact your business goals and aspirations? 😯

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Danny Carlson. Danny has helped 634 Amazon Listings make Multi-Millions in Annual Sales 💲💲💲

How does he do this? Where does he get the discipline to orchestrate so many moving pieces? He attributes his success to maintaining a Flow State. 🔥

Listen to the podcast to learn more about this, and how you can implement the Flow State to enhance your productivity in not just your business, but in your life as well! 💪


Web developer quit his job And hit $1 million in sales with drop-shipping 🛳️

That’s Mordechai Arba’s story in a nutshell!
How did he achieve this success? And then go on to becoming a massively successful dropshipping expert? 

We discuss all of this, and dive deep into the nuances of dropshipping with the founder of Ecomhunt, Mordechai Arba, in our latest edition of the Path to Glory!

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Shortcut to Become a Master 7 Figure 💸 Funnel Designer

How important is a funnel for your online business?
If you already have a funnel, have you optimized it enough that it’s bringing you breakthrough sales?

Having an effective funnel is a game changer in the world of eCommerce businesses.

Whether you’re looking to create your first funnel, or looking for ways to optimize your current funnels and bring in more sales, we’ve got answers!

In our latest edition of the Path to Glory, we dive deep into the world of funnels with the master of funnel building, Neel Sarode!

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How To Prep Your Startup For Investment 💸

If you’re a startup and looking for investment, or hoping to look for investment in the future, this podcast is for you!

On this week’s episode of the Path to Glory, we talk to Jennifer Austin. Jennifer has been working with startups for over 8 years, helping them accelerate and giving them the support they need to reach the hockey stick effect.

Jennifer is the co- founder of Risky Business, an early stage investment platform and startup catalyst and a key organiser of startup avalanche, of Techsylvania Romania. She is currently working part time in Roca X, an early stage invest support company.

In this podcast, she talks about how to prepare your business before applying to startup accelerators for investment, how to pitch and the do’s and don’ts of interacting with investors.