From Broke to Selling an Insect farm for $2 Million 💸 (Path to Glory 001)1 min read

By 22 July 2020 July 27th, 2020 Ecommerce, Marketing, Podcast
From Broke to Selling an Insect farm for $2 Million

In the first episode of The Path to Glory, Podcast by Glorify, we had an opportunity to find out how Carlos Alvarez, Founder of Wizards of Amazon went from being broke & sleeping in the warehouse to selling his company for 2.6 million USD.

How did reptile lover, Carlos Alvarez, find his way to Glory and build his e-commerce empire? Well, it all started with Reptile food… 🔥

It is easy for anyone to look at successful entrepreneurs and only appreciate the glory the bask in. However we all tend to ignore the mountains they had to climb to get there in the first place.

The lessons are not found in the success, rather they are found in the path they took to get there.

The Path the Glory gives you a close look at success entrepreneurs and their journey to success.

Watch or listen to Path to Glory EP 001 👇

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