The Dos and Dont’s of Footwear Product Photography

November 30, 2020 | 0 min read

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Quick and easy concepts will help you build a competent online product range. 

Since individuals already know that professional product photography will go far further to make sure you have a good shopping experience for customers. Blurred and darkened product photos would possibly confuse buyers, but you can only start to sell your goods if you incorporate clarity, proper lighting, and a variety of other essential elements 

Footwear Product Photography

There are some guidelines for any simple product photography. Footwear photography begins with its own regular DOs and DON’Ts, which we will all address in this article to help you achieve efficiency with product photography.

DON’T: Lay footwear in a flat manner. 

Nothing is unflattering more than a floppy, unlifted pair of shoes. Shoes are complicated for the buyers to visualize how they appear.

Footwear Photography


Please ensure each piece of footwear has the finest appearance, creating an illusion that somebody is wearing the shoe. Effective ways to demonstrate the form and make the shoe appear in a standing manner is to fill the shoe with fabric or paper to the sleeves of the shoe to secure it in the frame.

Shoe Product Photography

2. DON’T: Crowd the frame. 

Increasingly unstable backdrops are a major no-no in most kinds of product photography. Your consumer is distracted by a crowded backdrop from what they really would like is your product. 

Footwear & Shoe Product Photography


Keep everything tidy and straightforward in your framework to get your footwear attentive. Proposals may be helpful concerning the branding, but typically photos of each product alone are better and most convenient. 

3. DON’T: Use excessively strong lighting

Even though in a product image something else bad happens, lighting is an environment you don’t have to pay for. You need the right kind of brightness or the item will not look good for the buyers. Flaws and distort colors will become noticeable by the incorrect light. The toughest form of illumination for product photography is the direct light that creates a deep shadow. 

Footwear Product Photography in store lighting


Embrace soft, natural lighting. If you would like to follow the artificial lighting path, take pictures on the interior of a wide window with natural light filtering, or lease a softbox studio setup. Find a densely shaded area if you are to snap photographs outdoors to get even the maximum sun.

4. DON’T: Use blurry motion pictures

In many photographic styles, the soft-focus may be creative, but in product photography, consumers perceive soft focus as an inconvenience because they can not precisely see what they purchase. The more your logo is out of sight, the less your product can be noticed by your client. 

blurry motion picture - footwear product photography


Make sure you concentrate on each feature of your footwear using a high aperture such as f/11 on your DSLR camera. Be smart to use a tripod, which reduces motion artifacts to a 

minimum and gives your pictures the greatest possible clarity.

5. DON’T: Crop excessively  

Malfunction of the crop is amongst the simplest failures in photography. If some of your footwear photos are zoomed in more than others, your customers will note if the item is more or less the same range from the camera. You will note light variations, attention variations, etc. 

Crop product photo
Crop footwear product photography


Create a photo and crop design, keeping the rules strict, and keeping the pictures coherent from image sequences. Following a template speeds up photography and post-production and enhances your website’s polished look by providing you cohesive product photos that all appear to be part of series.

6. DON’T: Provide too few viewpoints. 

In product photography, one of the main errors is that the product has too few perspectives on the page. Clients want both aspects of a product to be seen as they determine to either buy it or not. 

View points for footwear product photography


Catch the greatest possible number of perspectives. Take pictures of the side view, the back view, the view of the top, a view of the product rotated a little to the left. You gain benefit as the perspectives flaunt! 

Some tips for footwear angles are available here: 

  • At least one captured from the whole group of shoes 
  • Two straight-on angled images: left and right 
  • Two angled side images: left and right 
  • A picture of the front of the commodity 
  • A view of the product’s back 
  • A picture of the product’s top perspective 
  • A ‘detail’ was shot near the texture, objects, etc.
display footwear sizes

Concluding Thought- 

Now that you are aware of all the DOs and DOs in footwear photography, it should be able to ignore the DON’Ts and use the DOs for your benefit. 

Compliance with these universal concepts in your product pictures greatly increases the consistency of your collection and gives your customers optimum customer experience.

Shoe/Footwear product photography FAQs

1. Is photography of the product easy?

Photography of a product isn’t that easy to reveal and film. Even the most simple items require the right machinery, lights, and room to create fine photos from the purchase site which shops offer. 

2. What are the various sorts of product photography?

The photography of goods is many different. From clear pictures of a product design to the lifestyle approach, action goods, product line community shots, product packaging, etc. 

3. What is meant by product photography in advertising? 

In the ads, product photography helps the customer to check the style, details, and functionality of the object. You have to use a professional, knowledgeable photographer to produce photos that show you completely the things your company has to offer if you are a brand that is working in the product space.


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