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March 19, 2021 | 0 min read

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Content creating for a blog, not only helps you enhance your website but also develops your reach and uplifts your digital marketing reach. Perhaps, if you are just starting on a blog or are an old writer, this article will help you not only choose the perfect content but also help you or a brand with consistent engagement scores. 

We’re sure that you must have come across various content planning articles that talk of a successful blog as a business, but it’s deeper than it appears on your screen results. Managing a blog in today’s time requires a lot of deliberate actions for growth and search engine optimization, unlike the earlier use that was a mix of journals or any long-form content. 

content strategy plan for a blog

Perhaps, the simple way out for creating meaningful content that helps in the engagement and also attracts traffic, readership is the art of selling your ideas via an interesting topic that can be scheduled on a content calendar. A content marketing approach is to create valuable and relevant content for your target audience and readers, resulting in better engagement.

What is the need for a content marketing plan?

Content Marketing plan To Drive Traffic

Having a content plan for your audience depends on the kind of industry or business we are looking forward to, as each business has its own kind of audiences and relevant groups that enables the effective nature of the content.

Listed below are 5 essential reasons that are recommended across any blog in order to design a periodic content plan-

  • Develop a culture around your business 
  • Create targets and execute the business objectives 
  • Have ease content creation processes 
  • Increase the engagement rate by working on the SEO ratings
  • Have a strategic content game 

Perhaps, having a content plan that is effective is very important as each post undergoes various checks before it reaches the first page on Google search. So, make sure to lay down every strategy, use relevant keywords, and follow them to create a routine on the page. A planned strategy helps in a better reach, creates traffic on your website, and increases Google ratings. For instance: The content created on your page could have its own special events, like a Monday special, or a quiz Saturday, etc. This will help the readers understand the work done by your company as per the business, resulting in a better reach.

In the present times, in order to succeed in the blogging culture, you must do genuine research and try different strategies for the blog to grow and create a funnel to get more customers. The content must not only talk of the problem but also offer a solution to the readership. They must also have a deliberate call to action (CTAs) for the visitors, subscribing, downloading, and buying your products or services. 

Read on to discover 5 simple steps that will help you create and design a good content plan that works and will help you achieve great engagement in 2021. 

Steps to create an effective content marketing plan for your blog and help you achieve the target audience

Here are 5 important tips ( step by step) that you must keep in mind while creating a content marketing plan for your blog, be it business or personal.

Step 1: Add 3 goals for each content piece

Add 3 goals for each content piece

Where most people try to achieve and pick random goals for their overall marketing strategy, we prefer you to select the top 3 basic yet important goals that are specific for each block when publishing. And to know how you’re progressing, try to track your content progress post publishing. 

This will help you track down your strategy in terms of each post, increase the engagement, and also create new traffic on your site. Perhaps in order to decipher between the increased rate, go to your WordPress dashboard and check the number of comments on each post. Here are a few basic targets that you can set to achieve:

  • Try to reach at least 2000 people in the first month  
  • Get around 100 shares in the first week 
  • Try to get onto the 5th page of google search by using the targeted keyword for each post 
  • Get 20 comments on your posts in the first month  

All of this can be achieved by maintaining and tracking each post on your site with relevant keywords and set goals.

Step 2: Try to decipher your target readers or audience

Brand Audience Engagement marketing

The next step is to identify and understand what target audience you are trying to hit the content across, but remember to do so before you post and not after as the post must direct and serve the needs of the audience you wish to reach out to, otherwise, it becomes pointless. 

The best way to narrow the audience down is to understand the need, want, and solutions of the readership, giving you a better reach and forming into a good content strategy. This will help the business to create a targeted content plan that speaks to the ideas of the defined audience, as the content strategy stays incomplete otherwise. 

The easiest way is to visit the web search and ask questions related to your industry. Here you will observe the most requested questions by the people with relevant keywords directing towards your new content plan.

Step 3: Go through and analyze the already published content

Analyze the customer data

This step helps the brand to have a better understanding of the kinds of blog posts that have worked or haven’t worked in the past as per the reach on every post. Are there more likes on one post compared to the other? Do the customers react differently to certain posts? Is there any reach at all?

Based on your observation you will understand what to work on next and how to analyze your content on posts and figure the strategy to get eyeballs towards your business, here, the website or the social media platform. These could be, long posts, reels, reports, videos, roundups, guides, articles, etc.

Step 4: Create or set goals and ideas for the future content using the content calendar

content calendar goals

After concluding with your observation and audit, we are sure you now are aware of what works and what doesn’t based on your business and the target audience. Once you have it all clear, sit down, think, and share ideas for future posts and what you could do differently to engage in more traffic and reach.

Try to gather and schedule content that you see is engaging, loved, helped connect with, and appreciated by the viewers on your platform or channels. In simple words, blogging is basically a look into the defined audience and their needs resulting in good sales for your business in an organized manner. Also, make sure to use the content calendar tool as it will help you analyze and schedule your posts based on the dates, days, and time you wish to post in order to attract more people.

Step 5: Determine and build upon each content piece that would cater to your clients

content piece

This last step is sadly seen to have been ignored by most people as a part of their marketing strategy, irrespective of it being the most vital step in content planning.

Try to plan out your content strategy for each post when you begin to plan your outline of the post, and lay down the marketing plan for each post as mentioned in earlier steps. 

For example: if writing a long how-to blog post, the outline would be:

  • The number of outbound links as per the article 
  • The number of social media influencers the content would reach out to 
  • The number of similar-content shares you’d be emailing across 
  • The ads budget for the
  • The online directories and communities you’d like to post as a part of your marketing plan 

A visual plan helps you write, create, target, and analyze better content marketing goals in 2021. Also with a good post comes good quality, therefore do not forget to use the Glorify App as it will help you create better posts for your business and the blog.

To Conclude: Creating an effective content plan for your blog post with the content calendar

Analyzing your content for your blog is the most crucial and important step that will help you engage with the target customers to your post and the ones you want to reach out to. Make sure to create a post that has specified goals, has relevant keywords, and a solution to help get a good to publish as well as interesting traffic.

Effective Content Marketing Plan For Your Blog FAQs

1. How must you plan content before posting?

– Set your mission and Goals
– Establish a KPIs
– Understand the need of the audience
– Assess and analyze the current position of your platform
– Observe what works better
– Promote and create different kinds of content
– Allocate resources
– Maintain a content calendar

2. What type of content can a blog contain?

Here are the kinds of content a blog can contain:
– Listicles
– Tutorials ( video or written)
– Checklists
– News of relative business and industry
– Infographics
– Case studies

3. What makes an effective blog?

A blog that caters to the audience, gets their attention and maintains it is known to be an effective blog. Mostly, they are divided into short paragraphs with bullet points that make it easy for readers scanning.


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