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DIY Certificates with Glorify’s Free Certificate Maker

Glorify’s certificate maker tool is a user-friendly online certificate designing tool that helps you create free yet professional, designer-quality certificates in under minutes! Log in to glorify, choose the certificate maker tool, a few drags and drops and your certificate is ready to print- it is as simple as that!

A hassle-free certificate maker 

Have you found yourself struggling and hassled with online certificate maker tools that only leave you disappointed with no viable, printable design to use in the end? We, at Glorify, are driven to mark that frustration a history with our innovative and hassle-free tool! Not only do we help you create certificates in under minutes but also certificates in professionally stunning designs that the awardees would never get enough of!

Choose a certificate template

Our library consists of a huge range of end-to-end customizable designs that can be made your own in a matter of drags and drops. All our templates, right from an appreciation certificate to a gift certificate, are absolutely free to use and can be customized as much as you like it, as many times as you like it. There’s never going to be a certificate designing worry in the world again!

Personalize, customize, modify!

One size does not fit all and we at Glorify understand that damn well! All our certificate templates are 100% customizable and can be edited to satisfy your personal, subjective requirements each time. Edit the text, play with the backgrounds, experiment with the fonts, and even add your own custom images – the possibilities with our certificate maker tool are endless. Log in, launch the tool and the canvas is yours!

How to create a professional certificate with the Glorify certificate maker tool?

Creating a professional certificate does not require a professional anymore- yes, you read that write! Create a stunning and high-quality designer certificate with Glorify’s certificate maker tool and you will never have to visit another website ever again!

Launch the Glorify certificate maker tool, explore through a huge selection of professional-looking backgrounds, explore through the fonts, add your own text, experiment with miscellaneous elements, pick a color palette and your certificate is ready to print- we promise, it really is as easy as that!

Create an account

Sign up for your free Glorify account (if you have not already) to design your certificate – you can pick from the templates or start from the scratch

Choose a template

Welcome to the Glorify world! Now that you have made your account, explore our loaded library, and browse through the certificate template. We are in no hurry- take your time and pick your pick!


It is time to unleash your inner designer! Our 100% customizable templates can be edited with a choice of your color palette, fonts, background, designs, and even custom images! Design, customize, edit, re-edit until you are satisfied. We really let your creative juices flow!

Download it as a PDF

Feel quite satisfied? Your certificate is ready to download! Save the design and hit download to save your template as a PDF. 

Not too sure? No problem. You can always log in to your account another day, revisit your designs and the masterpieces will be there to edit all over again!

Make an amazing certificate

Have you been burning your budget on clearing hefty bills generated by your design team? You do not have to do that anymore- not at least for your certificate design needs. The Glorify certificate maker tool requires no prior-design experience. All we need is (very little) time, and a will to create. Try the Glorify certificate maker tool today!

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