Why are we launching Glorify Early Adopter Package?
To celebrate our first public launch of Glorify, we have opened up a pre-release offer. Our Early Adopter stage will be available for a limited time only.

Our intention is to secure our first round of SPECIAL users at a one-time fee and give them exclusive attention and VIP access to features & content as first time adopters.

With your feedback, we will refine and perfect the software ensuring that it caters completely to you, as our target audience. 
What do I get as an Early Adopter of Glorify?
 You become the ONLY ONES EVER getting the following: 

  • One-time fee for full access! The lowest price you will be able to get Glorify at, ever.  As we grow, the price will only increase via various recurring payment plans with restrictions on various features on the lower plans.
  • Access to all tools including any future upgrades we release. 
  • 100 Credits of Magic Background Removal
  • Mastermind Group with special LIVE training calls and special support from our experts
  • Feedback Priority: We will take all your feedback into consideration as a priority, from template suggestions to software improvements.

How much will Glorify be AFTER the launch offer?
After our pre-release launch, Glorify be priced according to tiers with each tier having different accessibility to tools and features. The speculated cost at this time is:

  • Startup Plan: $190/Year 
  •  Pro Plan: $445/Year
  •  Enterprise Plan: $1200/Year
You get all features, tools and future upgrades described on our page for a one-time cost of $445 $127 for our Pro Plan and $327 for our Team Plan.
Can I get a refund if I am not happy?
Absolutely. You are entitled to a full refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked. (But we are pretty sure you wouldn’t want one!)
Will I need extensive training to use Glorify?
Not at all, Glorify has been created to minimize the learning curve as much as possible. All the tools have been dummy proofed and simplified to the max whilst allowing anyone to achieve pro results.

But despite our extremely easy to navigate interface, we also have support videos which are only 1 click away and accessible via an inbuilt popup - no matter where you are on the platform.  
Why choose Glorify over other design softwares?
If you are an eCommerce business trying to launch on Amazon or start your own custom site, you need brand oriented, highly engaging images, that produces results.

Glorify is the only graphic design tool focused mainly on eCommerce product images and is produced by experts who have helped many eCommerce brands reach breakthrough results. It is also the only all-inclusive feature intensive design software that is extremely easy to use - therefore perfect for non-designers and designers alike.
Do you have designs for every industry or niche?
Glorify has an ever-growing library of templates giving you tonnes of variety from different niches, themes, colors and layouts!

Furthermore as Early Adopters you get 'Feedback Priority' - so you can suggest a template theme or layout you need and our team of designers will get right on it to make it available to you on the software!
How much can I customize? Can I use my own Images?
Of course! You can upload any creative asset you need from images, logos, fonts and even color palettes - all to be used within our designer tools. 

Our tools allow you to have complete control over all templates and remix them to fit your exact purpose, by moving, transforming, tweaking, and adding anything you like on the canvas.

If you want, you can even start with a blank canvas and use our native tools to create a design from scratch.
The only easy to use design tool created for eCommerce business owners & entrepreneurs, helping them bring color to their conversions.
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