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$32,740 Per Year💸

If you only sold one plan per day, that’s how much you could earn.

No Trials or Free Plans

We have 1-2-3 Year ARR Deals with up to a 75% Lifetime discount, which means there's no hassle of waiting for leads to turn from free to paid.

Fully Trackable

We use Tapaffiliate which let's you track Clicks and Conversions of your Leads.

45 Day Cookie Window

If you send referrals to Glorify and they don't take action, as long as they come back within 45 day and buy the plan you will still be assigned the commission!

Earn up to $89.7 per sale

If your referral ends up subscribing to our 3 year deal you will get almost a $90 commission for that one sale!

Brand awarness is crucial. Luckily, we’ve got it 💪

Glorify is recognized as the go-to Ecommerce design tool by Industry leaders, got nominated for the Best design tool of 2019 by Product Hunt & managed to acquire 12K+ users in 8 months!

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How can I start earning money?


Sign up for our Affiliate program for free

It takes less than a few moments to register for our affiliate program by clicking on the button below. Registration is completely free and you can start earning up to 40% commission very soon.

Share your Unique link and earn money

Log in to your affiliate account, grab your unique link and share it on your website, social media or email list and start earning 30% commission on each recurring payment as long as your referrals remain subscribed to Glorify
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Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Is the 30% commission available to anyone?

Yes, every affiliate working with us to promote glorify will receive the 30% recurring commission on all monthly and annual plans.

How and when do I receive my money?

We will transfer your money directly to your pay pal account, on the last OR first day on the month, with 30 day delay.  e.g. For all the referrals you signed up between 1st and 31st of January, you will get paid on the 28th of February.

How do I track subscriptions that are coming from my referrals?

We use cookies to store the information of referrals. These cookies will expire in 45 days. This means that if your referral uses your unique link to access Glorify for the first time, but decides to buy Glorify and goes directly to our website on another day, you will still get that commission if the purchase is made within 45 days.

Are there any restrictions?

No, as long as you can receive money internationally you can be part of our affiliate program.

How do I track my performance?

When you sign up and get approved as an affiliate, you will gain access to your own dashboard, where you can track all of the statistics about your referrals, including earnings, clicks, conversions etc

Can I join the program if I don't have a website?

Ablosutely yes! You can share your unique link on your social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, Slack, Messenger etc. OR your YouTube channel.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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