About us.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of too cool for school, geeky, entrepreneurs, designers, and marketers.

And we know what it takes to make or break a business.

The growth and scale of entrepreneurship and businesses – we thrive on this!
And our little contribution to the world of entrepreneurs, is the gift of beautiful design

We know, through successes and failures of our own, that portraying yourself, and your business in
the most appealing way determines how your audience perceives you. And that in turn, builds their
confidence in you, your product and your brand.

This is why we built Glorify.
So that businesses and entrepreneurs of all levels, whether they’re start ups, established or tycoons,
can create stunning images to GLORIFY, and promote their products and services.


Before Glorify, we used to run a successful design agency

The work that we did for our clients helped them reach breakthrough success,
and become 7 figure businesses.

Eventually, we had hundreds of new clients clamouring on our doors. But, most of
them could not afford our premium services.
So, heartbreakingly, we had to turn many of them away.

This is when we had an epiphany!

‘Why not create a design tool that would allow these aspiring entrepreneurs to
create their own stunning visuals at scale, and at a much more affordable price?’
we thought.

And that’s how Glorify was born!

What we’ve done so far

2 Years ago we started with

7 Team members
0 Users
0 Leads
0 Designs Made

And now we have

28 Team members
180K Users
50K Leads
258K Designs Made

We could not have done this without our
loyal tribe of early supporters

We are super SERIOUS Listeners

We pride ourselves on being a team that listens, like SERIOUSLY listens, to
feedback from our audience. And so, our biggest achievement is all the deep feedback we got from our users.

Our roadmap is still up and running. You can access it here. Feel free to share your suggestions or upvote what’s already been suggested.

our goal is to help you achieve real glory.

Real Glory is being able to see those numbers inflate once you’ve changed your outdated FB advert.
Real Glory is breathing new life into your website with mindblowing images that make your customers go gaga (and your bank account go ka-ching!)
Real Glory is having a brand that you are PROUD of!

We are ready to get you there.

Are you?

The path to glory begins here

Get started – it’s free